Negative SEO Mitigation Tools:


Generate Disavow List:

The primary negative SEO mitigation method is to submit to Goole a "disavow list" of URLs and domains for Google to ignore in the following format:


This action requires a "Google Webmaster Tools" (GWT) account. It is free and one can sign up on the GWT page. Sign-in and select "Create account"

Utilizing a four step process to find and mitigate Negative SEO backlinks for submition to Google:
  1. Download the Google webmaster tools list of backlinks as a CSV file
  2. Upload this CSV file to DisavowIt.com using the interface on this page
  3. Select options and generate a disavow list of domains with Negative SEO
  4. Upload disavow list to your Google webmaster account here

Google CSV Backlinks File to Upload:

Note that you only want to dissavow backlinks used to obfuscate your key words and confuse google as to what your website content is about. Used improperly, you will reduce your SEO if your disavow backlinks which contribute to your SEO.